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English Translation :

KRIS : Dear fans, how are you? We’re finally back in China! I’m happy that we met again~ Did you know our trip in Korea? hehe.. I didn’t expect we receive so much support & love despite not promoting in Korea, it’s a surprise! Thank you so much~

Since we’re back, we can meet each other often, I’m so excited, you’ve waited for a long time right, I like you ^^

XIUMIN : Hello. I’m EXO-M’s baozi Xiumin. We promoted with EXO-K members as EXO for nearly 1 month in Korea. I feel thankful to the fans who gave us love in Korea when we promoted in Korea and fans who watched us from far in China

I was very surprised because many fans came to the airport~ I feel touched that fans were trying to greet us ㅜㅜ Please look forward to our activities in China! Our fans, I love you.

LUHAN : Dear fans, we’re back from Korea~!^^ You missed me right?!~We really missed you too!!^^haha.. We have many activities soon in China, we’ll show our best to you! I hope you can support us! I love you~!

LAY : You’ve waited for so long~,EXO-M is finally back in China to meet you, I’m very happy. We received a lot of love from friends & fans in Korea, and to fans in China, thank you for always supporting EXO-M, hope to meet everyone more often, I feel happy and warm every time I see you. You will always love us, right? I love you~^^

CHEN : Hello~! EXO-M has come back from Korea! I’m really thankful and glad because fans give EXO-M a lot of support. It’s been a great strength to me!! I will show you my best side with this strength! Please give us love~

We will work hard so that 12 members of EXO can show you great performances in China. I love you~ Bye. (p.s. I missed you ㅜㅜ)

TAO : Hello everyone! I’m kungfu panda Tao. Previously we gathered with EXO-K members in Korea, went to LA together, had fan signs together, and had a stage of 12 members, I didn’t know that so many fans would show up, I’m happy

I also felt your passion at the Beijing airport, thank you everyone! At the same time that you’re loving us, we’re also loving you, we’ll work hard to repay your love. Tao loves you~!

Baca lebih lanjut